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Introducing my new Studio Assistant

Posted by Anisha Parmar on

jewellery studio assistant

I’m really excited to announce that I have hired a new jewellery studio assistant, through the government kickstart scheme.When interviewing  Jazzy I could see her passion for creativity, and learning more about her South Asian heritage and history. One of her first tasks in her role was to write a blog post, to introduce herself and share her tips for self care. I’m really looking forward to working with her more and seeing her grow. 

I’m super excited to be part of the APL team. I’m a 19 year old, half South Asian, half Russian/Ukrainian young woman, raised in Nottingham and recently moved to Derby within the last couple of years. I’m really looking forward to helping with the process of designing collections from mood boarding, to the final products and learning the ins and outs of how to run a small business. When I saw this role, I loved the fact that I could use my creativity as well as learn more about my South Asian heritage, which will make me feel more connected to the community. Through education, academic subjects like science, maths and english were often more enforced than creative subjects which led me to believe that it wasn’t a possible career path to go down. However, the government's kickstart scheme has given me this amazing and unique opportunity to work for 6 months to gain many versatile skills. I am looking forward to increasing my knowledge and challenging myself, by doing something I’m genuinely passionate about and hopefully, can become a permanent part of the team by the end.

When Anisha asked me to write a blog post about self love, these were some of the main thoughts and tips I came up with.


Everyone expresses self love in different ways and given the circumstances over the past few years, it’s really put a strain on relationships, whether that be with our family and friends, partners and even ourselves. For many of us, rules and regulations has kept us from our loved ones which ultimately brought us down and caused us to lose touch with ourselves.

Though it was (and sometimes still is) a struggle, over time I have found ways that have brought joy back into my days, whether that’s big or small, by putting energy back into myself. There’s often a pressure put on us by society to always seem perfect by having a ‘good’ job, getting a car, buying a house etc but these external factors usually don’t nurture you as a person, your soul, emotions, mind and body. 

So for me, the pandemic heightened the feelings of insecurity and being in comparison mode which ultimately really affected my mental health.

Just as I thought it couldn’t get any worse, a family member passed away in May 2021, which I know many have sadly experienced and were unable to see off their loved ones. While grieving I thought there was no light at the end of the tunnel and I wasn’t looking after myself properly. But surely enough with a lot of crying, time and support I was healing and taking steps to nourish my well being.

These are some of the things that have helped me on my journey of self care:

  • Letting myself feel sad/emotion: As simple as it sounds, letting myself cry and let out my emotions has always be a struggle for me as I didn’t know how to deal with such overwhelming feelings but allowing myself to sit with them, accept, release and address how I’m truly feeling meant I could let go and have a weight lifted off my shoulders to have a more clear and calm mind.
  • Writing in a diary: Writing down my good days and bad days consistently, helps me to reflect on my day and offload any thoughts or feelings I’ve had and to remind myself of the special moments. Also, affirmations helped me as a constant reminder of my worth.
  • Keeping to routines and rituals: This is one I’m still working on now and when I stick to it I feel a huge difference and that’s in my morning routine; leaving my phone untouched until I have completed it. Starting my day in a productive and positive way;  taking care of myself first prepares me to take on whatever challenges the day has to offer. What are some of your morning rituals?
  • Treating yourself: Sometimes it’s hard to remember to take a break and treat yourself. For me that would be a meal that I've been craving, or some new perfume, clothes or APL jewellery that I’ve had my eye on. I also think it’s important to take yourself out on dates as well whether that’s for a meal or an experience you’ve always wanted to do and learn to love your own company.
  • Personal projects and goals: Achievements outside of work or other commitments make a clear separation between business and pleasure which I find useful as I use outlets such as art, reading, exercising and music as a way for me to express myself, relax and recharge each day.

A few months ago I found that I had lost some of my independence and was relying on others to fuel my happiness, which I realised was unhealthy. But through discovering these techniques of self care and self love, I gained an even deeper understanding and connection of respecting myself and my own boundaries. I hope this has inspired you to dedicate time for yourself and helped you think of your own unique ways to take care of you!

My self love journey is growing and developing day by day and I wish love to you all in abundance.

Jazzy X

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