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Get Creative in the PRESENT

We’ll then journey into day two, bringing you into the present, ready to get creative, inspired and hands on! A day of colourful and creative sessions including a Colour & Style Workshop, a creative Moodboarding Workshop and an interactive Jewellery Making Workshop to firmly ground you into the present! Khao Suppers will be keeping you fuelled with a mouth watering homemade Indian lunch.

Colour & Style Workshop with Neelam

‌Learn all about the power of colour and your personal style with Neelam!

In this interactive workshop with Neelam she will be introducing you to the world of colour, colour analysis and the power of your personal style! And in true Adorned Narratives style, you’ll walk away feeling uplifted, energised and ready to embrace colour!

Colour Theory

  • The session will begin with an introduction to colour theory and colour psychology
  • Learn about the impact that colour has on your hormones and how this can affect your mood and emotions
  • Understand how the colours you wear can affect how other people perceive you

Colour Seasons

  • Explore your complexion including your skin tone and undertone including which metals work the best for you
  • Learn about how your hair colour and eye colour can impact the colours that suit you
  • Neelam will introduce you to the colour seasons so that you can begin to understand how different tints, tones and shades of colours can impact your appearance

Colour Draping

  • It’s time to try some colours on! Neelam will be guiding you through the process of colour draping and how to determine your colour season
  • Learn about why black might not always be your colour for you

Style Personality

  • We’ll be taking a quiz to understand our style personalities and how these affect how we dress
  • Neelam will be introducing you to some up and coming colourful brands to give you some creative inspiration!

‌We’ll end the workshop with an uplifting visualisation taking you into your new personal style.

‌Get ready for a transformative and colourful experience!


‌We’ll be taking a pause to delight your senses with a mouth watering lunch from Khao Suppers! From Vada Pav to a Mixed Chaat Puri, your taste buds will be tingling! And to wash it all down we’ll have refreshing drinks from Cocossa King Coconut Water and Remedy Kombucha.

Moodboarding with Anisha & Neelam

‌Following on from the colourful morning we’ll move into a moodboarding session to get your creative juices flowing. Anisha and Neelam will be guiding you through the process of creating your own moodboard to unlock your creativity. We’ll be using different textures and tools to help you explore your artistic side, visually express concepts and insights gained from the morning and form the vision and vibe for the next workshop. This is the perfect opportunity to get hands on and have some fun!

Discover the Art of Jewellery Making with Anisha Parmar Studio

‌Unlock your creativity with our hands-on jewellery making workshop, designed for beginners and hosted by Anisha, especially for the Adorned Narratives pop up.

Explore the divine feminine and goddess themes as you create your own unique pieces of wearable art.

Workshop Details:

Duration: 2 hours

‌Focus: Hand-painting wooden bases for necklaces or earrings, and adorned using various laser cut components, just like Anisha’s designs!

‌Level: Perfect for beginners

What to Expect:

Join us for an afternoon of artistic exploration and creative fun. The perfect setting to learn the intricate process of jewellery making, from design to the final piece.

Hand Painting and Assembly:

  • Reflect on your Moodboard and bring in elements and shapes that inspire you for your special jewellery piece.
  • Learn the art of hand painting wooden bases for your necklace or earrings.
  • Choose from a variety of laser cut components to bring your design to life.
  • Anisha will guide you through each step, helping you select your own unique combinations of acrylic shapes and colours.
  • Final Touches:
  • Assemble your piece with high-quality gold plated fixings.
  • Take home your handcrafted jewellery, a reflection of your personal style and creativity.

Why Join Us?

  • Creative Exploration: Perfect for those who have never made jewellery before, our workshops encourage you to play and experiment with different materials and designs.
  • Personalised Guidance: Receive step-by-step instructions and tips from Anisha Parmar, ensuring you create a piece you’ll love.
  • Community: Meet like-minded individuals and enjoy a supportive, creative and fun environment.

On this day we invite you to wear an element of pink in your outfit, the colour of play, fun and love!

(Suitable for 16 years old and above: More details in the tabs below.)

Pickup available at Anisha Parmar Studio

Usually ready in 5+ days

Agenda for the Day

11:00am - 1:00pm - Colour & Style Workshop with Neelam

1:00pm - 2:00pm - Break & Lunch

2:30pm - 3:30pm - Moodboarding with Anisha & Neelam

3:30pm - 4:00pm - Break

4:00pm - 6:00pm - Jewellery Making with Anisha

What's included in your ticket

-Colour & Style Workshop with Neelam
-Opportunity to learn your colour season through colour draping
-Guidance from Neelam on how to understand what colours suit you
-Introduction to some colourful brands
-Lunch supplied by Khao Suppers including Vada Pav and a Mixed Chaat Puri
-Mood-boarding workshop with Anisha and Neelam
- A piece of jewellery (necklace or earrings) handcrafted by you with guidance from Anisha
-All materials and tools for the workshop


Food: Please let us know if you have any serious allergies or dietary requirements. Please note the food is prepared in a kitchen that also prepares dishes with nuts, gluten and soy and so there is a chance of trace. email to let us know.

Photography: To capture the special moments and vibes, create memories and help with future pop up planning we will have a photographer present. If you prefer not to be included in any photographs, please feel free to let him know at any point during the event.
Thank you for your cooperation and understanding!

Concessionary Tickets

A limited number of free tickets are available for this event for individuals that:

  • Are from low-income households
  • Those with additional needs or disabilities
  • Those whose voices are underrepresented or marginalised.

If you are an individual who identifies with any of the above or another other situation which you believe qualifies please complete this form by Friday 28th June 2024. We will review all applications and respond back by Friday 12th July to confirm if you have been successful in your application.


The Lab E20, E Park Walk, East Village, London E20 1JB

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