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APL Reflections: The Hanging Decorations

APL Reflections: The Hanging Decorations

As we get into festive season, I wanted to look back at the Hanging Decorations that I launched in 2022 - my first dip into Homewares.
Until recently, I’d focussed my business on adorning the self through jewellery. I love the way that a statement piece of jewellery can make you feel bold and beautiful. It’s been a dream come true to hear customers say the same when they wear APL pieces!
I’ve always loved curating decor for my home, collecting meaningful and beautiful pieces that trigger memories or commemorate special moments.  Through the Covid-19 lockdowns, I really felt the positive impact of having a home that is adorned with pieces that bring joy.
I realised that for me, adornment is an important part of my everyday life. I truly believe in the power of adornment; it can make you feel confident, comforted and calm. 
In my family, I’m the one who’s been big on Christmas. As soon as I was old enough, I took on the job of planning the tree, decorating the house and preparing the feast. The joy of decorating a home for festivities is like nothing else.
When my husband Vik and I started living together, I was so excited to start our own traditions, and the idea of decorating the tree together and collecting meaningful ornaments was hugely important to me.
One of our traditions is that we buy one special ornament each year for our Christmas tree. We started this pretty much since we started dating ten years ago. Each ornament carries its own story; a reminder of a place we visited, the maker, and the memories we created on the day - whether that’s visiting a Christmas market, or sipping on mulled wine while browsing an independent maker’s store.
Through lockdown I realised that having a home space that brings you joy is so important, and I wanted to share my love of collecting special decor pieces with you all. That’s how I decided to create my own home ornaments last year. They’re made with love, full of meaning and designed to be cherished, loved and handed down through generations.
The Hanging Decorations I’ve created so far reflect motifs from my past collections:

These colourful hanging decorations are intricately painted with vivid hues on the back, while the front features intricately etched details such as on the Popat’s wing or the Mor’s tail. The best part is these colourful ornaments are definitely not just for Christmas. They’d work as wall hangings for any time of year!

Home should be a place that sparks joy, and I really hope the APL Homewares can play a part in bringing that joy to your home.

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