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Adornment has been the heart of what I do. I truly believe in the power of adornment, and how it can uplift and empower you. APL started as a jewellery brand, and I absolutely adore jewellery. I've also learnt over the years that "adornment" comes in many forms. Be it personal adornment through jewellery, or adorning your home with decor and furnishings. It was during the lockdowns of 2020 that I started dwelling on how adorning your home can have an impact on your comfort and wellbeing. This is what prompted me to explore the world of homewares - it was a next step that made total sense for Anisha Parmar London.

Our decorative homeware pieces span hanging ornaments to decorative trays and wall hangings. All these colourful home decor pieces stay true to the heart of Anisha Parmar London: they reflect the hybrid heritage of Anisha herself, and many members of the South Asian Diaspora. These are pieces of art that are functional as well as decorative. Vibrant, intricate and culturally-rooted.

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