Mangoes & Marigolds

A fun collection with mango & marigold motifs that represent the nostalgia of my childhood as I have loved marigolds since I was little. A flower that reminds me of trips to India with my family, hanging from Bombay taxi wing mirrors, adorned as necklaces on Hindu Gods and at weddings and celebrations. My wedding had them everywhere! and I have loved mangoes since I was little, waiting for mango season when the weather got warmer, and for my mum to bring home that sweet smelling box from Eailing road (in Wembley where I grew up). We make jewellery for the bold, confident & badass woman, designed with traditional Indian motifs in mind with a modern, graphic twist. A Handmade, unique collection of jewels encompassing stud earrings, statement earrings, necklaces and rings.


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