Our Story


Hi, I'm Anisha

I'm a UK-based Creative & Cultural Practitioner and Jewellery Designer.

My work is inspired by my hybrid heritage that spans three continents, and is rooted in the Diaspora experience.

Adornment is a powerful medium through which you can explore your style, share your story, and illustrate your identity. I use the concept of adornment to visually explore culture, identity and different ways to dress bodies and spaces.

Community is the beating heart that powers my craft. I aim to use my work as a way to drive meaningful conversation that provokes thought and inspires change.


Our Story

Anisha Parmar Studio is home to the work of UK-based creative Anisha Parmar.

Anisha started out in product design - specifically jewellery and accessories - after university. Since her leap into launching her own business in 2015, she continues to design her own products, while also working across multiple disciplines including artistic direction, curation, education and consultation.

We have created, curated for and consulted with national and international organisations. Clients and collaborators include museums, artists, galleries, heritage sites and more.

Our studio is based in Derby, and our work is regularly on the road across the UK and beyond.

statement adornment designed to uplift and empower

Our Jewellery

As cultures blend and bend to reflect the modern world, we’re presented with the opportunity to write new stories. We can refresh old fables with new perspectives, retell ancient myths in a modern style, or reinvigorate forgotten moments.

The beauty of the heirloom is that it gathers stories as it passes from hand to hand over generations. And that’s what we want every APL piece to do.

With each design, we take fragments of stories from South Asian history, mythology and culture, and blend it with the experiences and influences that come with being part of the Diaspora. Once that piece is yours, it becomes a part of story of your life, collecting memories and moments for you to share.

Our pieces are made-to-order and handcrafted in our Derby studio by Anisha and her team.

Clients & Collaborators

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