Tribal Pop Collection

Anisha’s present draws heavily from her past and family heritage. Growing up in London, her aesthetic was tempered not just by her own family’s history, but the diverse cultures and ethnicities that strings together the city’s urban landscape. Her namesake label finds itself at the juncture of all things urban and ethnic, coupling the influences with a sharp, modern edge. ‘My inspiration comes from the multi-cultural melting pot of London, the mix of diverse cultures all fused with British traditions. It is this urban ethnic sensibility I like to show through my designs. Looking at traditional tribal jewellery from around the world and making it more graphic and modern.’
For the Tribal pop collection she reached in to a chest full of her grandmother’s jewels for inspiration. ‘Through-out my work I have touched upon my own cultural heritage, and built up an archive of handed down gold jewellery pieces from my grandmothers and mother. For the Tribal pop Collection I wanted to look back at these incredibly intricate pieces as it always amazes me how I can find something new and special in them I haven’t seen before’
Tribal pop encompasses these historic patterns she finds in her heritage archive with pop colours and dynamic shapes, bringing you bold statement jewellery combined with fine intricate pieces. The enamelled patterns create a print on the surface of the unique materials we have used; marble acrylic, beautifully grained and handpainted wood combined with sterling silver fixings.