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Shoe collaboration X United Nude & Sarah Angold

Shoe collaboration X United Nude & Sarah Angold

We had the opportunity to work to the incredible Sarah Angold to help her design and develop a sculptural concept shoe for United Nude.
Here is our design journey from concept to final piece showcased at London Fashion SS16.
united nude anisha parmar sarah angold wood shoe
We started off by creating paper models around out shoe in the Anisha Parmar London Studio, as well as doing wood bending test to see how this would translate into material.
united nude anisha parmar wood shoe
The wood shoe structure  was handmade with a special wood that is bent using dry heat, this was then spray painted to fade into the wood grain and initially showcased the the 're-inventing shoes' exhibition at the United Nude London flagship store.
Anisha Parmar Sarah Angold
Jewellery pieces: Neck piece and earrings made in the the style of the shoe: this image with Sarah Angold and our Founder Anisha Parmar was taken at London Fashion week where both the jewellery pieces and shoe were displayed.
Anisha parmar vogue italia sarah angold united nude wood jewellery
The neck piece was featured in Vogue Italia Online
sarah angold anisha parmar united nude
A great collaboration that we learnt a lot from and were able to put our AP London Studio 
touch on! 
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