Indian Jungle Shoot

Our recent trip to India gave us the opportunity to put together an exciting new shoot for the Indigo Collection. We worked with the super talented photographer & friend Rusty Mehta, styling team Pranay Jaitly & Shounak Amonkar from Who Wore What When, Model Priyanka Kochhar and make up artist Jason Arland
With a 7am start from the Gate Way of India in Mumbai, it was a rare opportunity to see a sleepy hush over a bustling city, and see the sun rise over the infamous Taj. Followed by a speedy boat ride across to the retreat town of Ali-Bagh. Where we shot in a beautiful location, removed from the busy city! 
Here are a few snap shots from the day..
Thank you to the team for a lovely day & experience! We can't wait to show you the final images!