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A Weekend of Connection, Community and Creativity

A Weekend of Connection, Community and Creativity



Neelam and I first crossed paths around 4 years ago, and there was an instant sense of connection and camaraderie that I felt. While she worked with me on my style language and refreshing my wardrobe, it was the start of a wonderful friendship as well. 

As two British Indian women trying to build businesses, we’ve connected a lot on the trials and triumphs of growing a brand. From celebrating the big wins to commiserating over the more challenging moments…we’ve both been grateful to have someone to talk to who just gets it.


While our businesses may seem different on the surface - mine, a jewellery business and hers, a style consultancy - there is a common thread that unites our work: the power of adornment and dress that goes beyond just aesthetic. It’s how what you wear can impact how you feel, and how you can tell stories through your wardrobe and accessory choices.

And so, we came up with the concept for our first joint pop-up. Adorned Narratives: Wearing our Stories with Pride, which is taking place at The Lab E20 in London on 19-21 July 2024. Through this weekend, we’ll be going on a journey that explores storytelling, creativity and entrepreneurship, partnering with some brilliant businesses and facilitators to create an environment that is safe, empowering and exciting. 

From workshops, yoga and sharing circles to a community marketplace featuring other small businesses run by those from the global majority. You can learn more about the programme of events here, and buy your tickets to secure your place!

Hope to see you there, to hear your stories and share ours too!

PS - Get to know Neelam better in our Talking Senses interview with her, here.

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