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APL x Tiwari Yoga: Celebrating Indian Excellence

APL x Tiwari Yoga: Celebrating Indian Excellence

The launch of my Empowering Adornments collection sparked a collaboration with Tiwari Yoga that culminated a beautiful evening with a group of South Asian women at the start of June.

At the cosy Wild Roots studio, we gathered to celebrate Adornment and Wellbeing. The lovely folks at Dishoom welcomed our guests with their incredible Chai before we got settled in the studio.

Angie kicked things off with some calming, restorative breathwork and meditation to really set the tone for the evening. She took us through a beautiful visualisation of navigating choppy seas and finding the calm, finishing with the powerful affirmation “I am enough”.

Being in that room, hearing a group of women chanting “I am enough” was such an invigorating feeling - you could really feel the energy in the room as well all reassured ourselves of our importance and worth.


We went around the room after the meditation to share how we felt, and it was nothing but positive.

“I feel a lot more still than I have been feeling,” said one attendee, while another described an “overwhelming sense of gratitude and contentment for the first time in a long time”. What a positive way to conclude the first half of our special event! It was such a beautiful experience to share those feelings with the group.

Then, I introduced the discussion part of the session. I really wanted to create a beautiful safe space to open a dialogue around jewellery and especially its role in the lives of South Asian women. We’re often gifted jewellery at birth or at other special occasions like weddings, and the act of even choosing what to wear for family celebrations is an event in itself; so many of us have memories of sitting on beds with the ladies in our family, sharing outfit ideas, swapping jewellery pieces and ultimately sharing stories, our pains and triumphs.


What followed was an honest and profound conversation that absolutely warmed my heart. We exchanged stories of meaningful pieces of jewellery - some happy, some sad, some funny, but all confirming one thing: Jewellery is so much more than a decoration or accessory. It’s a tangible part of a story; it can be a reminder of our strength, a memory of a lost loved one, a souvenir from a life-changing experience, a marker of a bond with someone special…

I was so honoured and humbled to have been there to witness these beautiful conversations, and I’m so thankful to everyone who attended for being so open and sharing such personal experiences without holding back. Thank you to everyone who came.

I can’t wait to continue curating Jewellery Stories with the community, creating more safe spaces like this to have these conversations and building a library filled with stories of Empowering Adornments.

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