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We came across the beautiful Rowi Singh on Instagram and absolutely loved her style and what she stood for so we collaborated her for some special looks with our jewellery!
Rowi is an Indian influencer and style blogger from Sydney, Australia. Like myself that conflict and contrast of growing up in a western culture teamed up with her Indian heritage inspired her to create her blog & instagram outlet to feature her contemporary style with an unique ethnic flair.
Row singh x anisha parmar london
Rowi wears our Maya Necklace: Shop the look here.
Rowi wears a custom head chain. Shop our head chains here.
In her own words: 'My mission is to not only inspire other women of colour who have shared a similar experience, but to influence anyone who wishes to diversify their look and bring a uniqueness to their style. I hope my blog posts inspire and motivate you to bring out your inner queen'
And we say 'YAAAS' to bringing out that inner queen AKA #BADASSMAHARANI! So here's to our queen & #badass woman of the week! The brilliant Rowi singh! we bow to your style, beauty and message .... thank you for loving our jewellery! 
Check out Rowi's Blog here. and follow her @rowisingh




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