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Empowered Adornment Call Out

Empowered Adornment Call Out

**CALL OUT** would love to hear your stories 🧡

 As part of my Developing your Creative Practice Research, I am looking to interview individuals about the handed down gold jewellery pieces in their family, do you have a pieces in mind, or have a grandparent/ family member with an incredible story that you can record for me?

From the little conversations with friends and family I’ve had this week, it’s brought up some lovely stories about pieces that were forgotten 🧡

I personally never had the chance to ask my grandmother how pieces of her jewellery came to be, and have been trying to piece together her story through photos and asking relatives but especially through the emotions and stories I feel through her jewellery. I think it’s so important to document these stories and pieces before they are gone and forgotten forever 🧡

If you’d like to be part of my research, and have a recorded interview with me either via zoom or telephone please do get in touch with a few sentences about your story,
(In my study you can remain anonymous if you would like- I’ll send you through the information sheet and consent form before we begin)

I can’t wait to hear from you!
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