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Empowered Adornment Podcast Launch

Empowered Adornment Podcast Launch

Empowered Adornment- Gold Jewellery stories Podcast is here!



I am super excited to announce the launch of the Empowered Adornment Podcast as part of the research I have been doing for the Developing your Creative Practice grant from Arts Council England this year.

The podcast encapsulates the research I have been doing around Gold jewellery collected through South Asian journeys of migration as artefacts with the capacity to be carriers of emotions and memories; gold as a woman’s security within the context of historical and contemporary diasporas; and adornment to express cultural heritage. 

I have spent the last 5 months opening a dialogue and documenting conversations with those who belong to the South Asian Diaspora, and who have collected or been handed down precious pieces of jewellery/adornment, to talk about what these pieces represent to them. 

I have interviewed 12 participants about their stories, where they have given me the privilege of seeing their gold jewellery (via Zoom) and shared deep rooted histories about where the pieces were born, how they travelled and how they are intwined with the history of their family both past, present, and future. 

In every one of these conversations, the participant has mentioned that it was due the the fact that my project prompted the question that they were able to unearth more of their own family’s history. And that due to a project like mine people have been pulling out these beautiful gold jewellery pieces that have been for the most part gathering dust in lockers, hidden away and their stories are finally being told.  

It is crucial history is not lost, and in the series we explore the cultural codes within the diaspora, by look at what we collected on our migrant journeys and the objects and ceremonies that keep us connected to our roots. As all these aspects that are incredibly intricate and specific within the diaspora to the places our families have travelled and settled. 

The podcast looks at how the meaning of these gold jewellery pieces have also changed as they have travelled and been past down through generations; from dowry, security and now; adornments of great sentimental value. These pieces are more than visual beauty, in the the series you’ll hear how the stories of the gold pieces are linked to Indian partition, East African Asian migration, Sri Lankan Civil war and more.

 By creating this podcast series with the capacity of documenting these Gold jewellery stories, I hope they make you feel a sense of belonging, prompt you to enquire about your own family heirlooms, oral histories and amplify your family's legacy.

A huge thank you to my participants that have trusted me with their incredible stories, my co producer and Editor of the series Molly Crossley and to the Arts Council for giving me the time and funding to delve into something that’s so close to my heart.  

Key Launch Dates 

Pilot Episode Launch: Sunday 20th June

Series Launch: Sunday 18th July- to coincide with South Asian Heritage Month.

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