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Inspiration From the Pink City

Inspiration From the Pink City

When I first set foot in Jaipur, Rajasthan back in 2013, I was immediately enamoured with the city’s terracotta pink architecture and intricate details that adorned doorways, facades and ceilings. And I’ve been aching to go back ever since.
The trip was part of my Master’s research project for university, and I was looking into traditional methods of jewellery-making. I had the unique opportunity to visit a family of jewellers who work out of their homes, and have been passing down their craftsmanship skills through generations.
 This immediately resonated with me, as I’ve always been interested in the stories that pieces of jewellery hold - whether they’ve been bought for a special occasion, or been handed down as heirlooms. In fact, that’s what’s fuelled my current project - Empowered Adornment which you can read about here. <
The city is a feast for the eyes, with ornate embellishments and details wherever you look. Blending together Rajasthani and Mughal design elements, you’ll spot eye-catching details anywhere including around window frames, surrounding doorways and on the ceilings. The motifs vary from intricate floral patterns to the beloved Haathi (elephant) and Mor (peacock). While the Jaipur pinks and reds are at the heart of the city’s colours, accent shades include vibrant blues and greens, and happy yellows and oranges too.

In addition to those floral and animal motifs, the jaw-dropping symmetry of the architecture in Jaipur is simply stunning. Whether you’re looking at the front facade of the Hawa Mahal, an individual doorway at the Amer Fort, or peeking into the Chand Baori (well steps), you’ll notice the pleasing symmetry that runs through each design.
What I love the most is that these themes aren’t just seen on the big landmarks, but even at roadside shrines, family homes and small market shops. The harmonious combination of motifs, intricate adornments and colours run throughout the city.
The city’s architectural delights weren’t the only things to capture my heart, though. Through my visits to local jewellery-makers, I got to see how those intricate embellishments and designs came to life through traditional Rajasthani jewellery, with techniques such as meenakari being used to add colours to the pieces.
It’s these elements that I’ve drawn inspiration from for my latest jewellery collection: The Pink City collection. This collection of statement jewellery is all about celebrating The Pink City, as well as our love for adornment within South Asian culture. As part of the collection, you’ll find my own take on the Haathi through the statement earrings and matching statement necklace, to the Mor doorway large studs and the Baori drop earrings. 
The Pink City collection is here to remind you of those motifs that are a gateway to South Asian Culture, transporting you to the magical city of Jaipur.
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