Maharani of Kuch Nahi Part 2 & 3

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Maharanis of Kuch-Nahi (nothing) Part 2

If you read my previous post you’ll know I titled, my story as the above because a family member used to call me that and I vouched I’ll be anything but.. here’s part 2 🧡

I went on to do my masters at London College of Fashion in MA Fashion Artefact- a course that I was just in awe of! Conceptual Fashion Accessories- merging Art and Fashion. I had applied for both my degree and foundation at LCF and CSM however I was rejected multiple times and for my Masters I finally got in. It was testing, really pushed me out of my comfort zone but I did create some of my best work that I am still so proud of- these stunning copper and wood body sculptures inspired by my family’s migrant journey where I used words and documents they had to file has patterns for the sculptures (swipe right for a peek) . Through out my Uni experience I came across tutors that just didn’t get it- didn’t get why I used my culture as my core inspiration, and didn’t see my work on par with others because of it. I’ve spoken to other creatives who’ve had similar experiences and it infuriates me that this still happens!

I recently did some filming for university student training and one of my tips was never to feel like what you are innately inspired by, and especially when it’s your heritage or culture, is not enough. I am so proud that I stuck with what I believed to my core would be my inspiration going forward.
Part 3
Looking at your younger-self what would you tell her/him?

I’d tell little Anisha that she could achieve anything she wanted, that’s she’s a creative free spirit and to nurture it and make it her biggest strength, that she’s beautiful, that she’s capable of manifesting all her dreams. That constructs that we’re put on you don’t define you and to find your own path... be free!

So I graduated from my Masters and propelled into the world with big dreams and hopes of finding that dream job! I went for numerous interviews, interned and freelanced. Worked for one of my favourite bosses @sweetlimeuk and then went on to work at Gucci as a Junior watch and eyewear designer with a small team based in London. It was so lovely to work with a team who had so much experience and wanted to share that knowledge with me. I loved working there and I had planned my career, I’d finally made it working for a luxury brand and I wanted to work my way up! However 6 months after I joined they decided to close their London office and I was made redundant- I remember walking into what felt like a huge boardroom with 2 people in black suits crushing my dreams! It was so tough catching a break especially within a luxury brand and now I had a foot in.. it was gone! I was heart broken and starting working on my own jewellery pieces.. pulling out my mums & grandmother’s jewellery pieces and sketching away! Swipe right to see the design development of that first collection 🧡

The sketches turned into pieces, which ended up being my first collection. I decided to do markets and set up shop at Spitalfields Market in London. This first day I sold one necklace for £20 and I had definitely made a loss but I was buzzing, and I kept going back week on week....

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