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Statement Necklace Edit

Statement Necklace Edit

Here at Anisha Parmar London we love to create statement necklaces that take you from your day to night look. Our necklaces are super lightweight and easy to wear as well as being fun, bold and #BADASS! Inject some personality & style with your necklace choice this summer.
Here is a selection of our favourite #BADASS statement necklaces:


Lotus: the symbol of purity and detachment and a significant motivator of the philosophy of our brand. This signature necklace is the perfect accessory to compliment any look. 

A lightweight piece, handmade from engraved and cut rose gold mirrored acrylic attached to beautifully grained wood with a sparkle of indigo coloured mother of pearl inlay.




The Simba necklace is part of our Ivory Collection inspired by East African tribal influences merged with bold contemporary shapes.

A lightweight piece handmade in our London studio, from wood, white marble acrylic & orange wood veneer, and held  together with an array mini brass bolts.


The Aida Necklace is dynamic statement necklace and can be worn to accentuate any outfit!

Inspired by the Las Pozas surrealist sculptures in Mexico by Edward James, The piece is hand crafted from marbled blue acrylic & gold foil encased acrylic set within detailed hand painted wood.


Our Zahra Necklace is super lightweight and is intricately etched and cut from beautifully grained wood & ivory marble acrylic complimented by real glass mirror and constructed with mini brass bolts. All the dark accents in the piece are hand dyed in our London studio. Effortlessly style a simple outfit with this statement  piece. 

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