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Styling Our Jewels

Styling Our Jewels

 We all love a night out with our friends, especially now that we’re coming to spring, from the excitement of getting ready to making special memories you’ll remember for the rest of your life. 

Jewellery is such a unique accessory, that can be a reminder of special memories and moments captured while wearing it. You might have a piece of jewellery that you wear everyday, that's been passed down through generations, and reminds you of your family every time you look at it and feel it. Or you might have pieces that you only wear on special occasions, that make you feel nostalgic of those special moments when you wear them.
Sometimes it’s difficult to decide what to do with your hair, what outfit to wear and how to accessorise, so here are some tips to make you look and feel that bit more special than you already are.
Are you in a time crunch to get ready after a long day at work? 
Well, relieve some of that stress by dressing down pieces in your work attire. For example, wearing Sita Drops and the matching Sita Necklace tucked in, allows the subtle pop of colour during work hours. Then immediately amp it up by revealing the necklace, making any plain outfit stand out with these statement, handcrafted jewellery pieces. You’ll be reminded of the joyful memories with your loved ones, each time you look at these pieces; feeling how you laughed so much till it hurt, and looking fierce while doing it.
For those who opt for a more simplistic look, often wearing an all black outfit is the go to option. But, sometimes you want to experiment and take your outfits to the next level. An easy way to do this is wearing a comfy but stylish shoe, and eye-catching jewellery pieces like Baori Necklace and Baori Drop Earrings - if you're feeling extra daring, match the colour of your shoes to your jewellery, to further elevate your look while still effortlessly looking put together. 
Black Ring Mini Dover Dress - Nor Black Nor White Dress - Omi Na-Na
If you like wearing bold and bright colours, wearing accessories that contrast in colour will upgrade your outfit; tying everything together to produce a powerful look. For example, if you’re wearing an all blue, monochromatic blazer and trouser suit set, you could accessorise with some large statement earrings: Hanging Mangoes & Marigold Earrings. The bright orange in the pieces will bring out the blue tones even more, and will make you feel like a confident badass. Everytime you wear them you'll feel the confidence and empowerment you felt the first time you put them on.
However, if you choose to wear a statement dress that’s all red, coloured accessories may be too much and clash rather than compliment. So, wearing a metallic piece such as gold, silver or rose gold would be an effective way to add to such a subtle, yet captivating element, as they catch the light making you sparkle and shine. The Lotus Studs & Necklace Set is a beautiful, luxury handcrafted jewellery set to enhance any look like this.
Treat yourself and express yourself to the fullest this 2022 and the future, with luxury handcrafted jewellery from Anisha Parmar London. You deserve it.
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