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Anisha Parmar StudioAnisha Parmar Studio
The Woman behind the Brand..

The Woman behind the Brand..

So its been a while since I posted anything and for that I apologise! It's been a world wind with a wedding, moving and travelling..
I thought i'd get back into with properly introducing myself! You know my brand Anisha Parmar London but here a bit more about me! Anisha! 
 I am 26 year old British Asian woman and was born and grew up in North West London , in Wembley. I loved growing up in this multicultural area; I spent most of my childhood with my grandma strolling the Indian high street of Eailing Road as well as at back of my parent's menswear tailoring store in the centre of London: Piccadilly. I adored the contrast of where we lived as to where my parent's shop is, in this super posh area with rich clients and then they'd come home to middle class Indian area of Wembley. It was great! I guess running a business is all I saw growing up so when it came to starting my own , the hunger of doing it felt really natural. 
I studied at Loughborough University doing Multi-Media Textiles; a great university experience and it's where I met my now HUSBAND, I then went on to do my Masters in Fashion Artefact my London College of Fashion (see my final collection here). What I really learnt through my education was my strengths in material exploration. When I design my collections; the first port of call is what materials am I going to use. I need to find them, feel them and put them together before I draw anything! I really feel this tactile approach to to design has been my strength.
I also have an obsession at looking at my family's jewellery that they collected through their migrant journey from India, East Africa and then to UK. Both my grandmas collected gold jewellery as it was not only tradition but a women's security. I love the heritage in my culture of passing down jewellery from Mother to daughter and hence looking the jewellery we have in my family is like my inspiration archive that I delve into. What's amazing is , I could have seen a piece hundreds of times but still find something new to inspire me in it; from the clasp mechanism, the etching on the back of the piece to the new motifs I find! I hope to feature some of these beautiful pieces in the blog going forward. 
(I'm wearing our capsule 'Badass Bride' Collection which will be online soon, email us for enquiries)
One of the major things that has happened in my life recently is that I got married! I met my husband at Loughborough University, He's super supportive when it comes to the brand, he lives and breathes everything I do with my brand, it's pretty amazing!
When it came to our wedding , I knew I wanted to get married in Goa, India! We have had a family holiday home their since I was 4 years old and it was always the place where I had dreamt we would get married. It was crazy to plan but all came together beautifully.  Most Indian brides wear red but I wanted to go against the grain and wear a coral 'lengha'  that I designed myself with gold 'gota' work, which is like a flat appliqué embroidery style as opposed to a blinged out heavy embroidered dress.   I  also wore my late Grandmother's  gold 5 finger handchain on the day so It felt like she was with us on the day. 
 Getting Married and looking for something bespoke? Email us with your ideas..
Now that I am 2 years in to running the brand, my main focus is creating jewellery to empower woman. I have had some incredible woman role models in my life and there are so many #badass women out their doing great things. I want to create adornment for these strong woman that wear it almost like body armour to face the day and own it! I want the customers of my brand to feel as though they are part of the Anisha Parmar London #Badass Woman community where we all promote a strong, confident and empowering lifestyle! I hope you have got to know bit more about me and if you have any stories you would like to share please do email us!

Anisha Parmar Photos: A big thank you to photographer and friend Jackie Puwalski for these beautiful photos of me. Follow her on instagram @shardsofdecency 


Wedding photos: Another big thank you to Photographer and friend Shahul Kazi for some incredible wedding photos! 


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