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Valentines Day Edit

Valentines Day Edit

Valentines Day Edit and 20% off Discount Code!
With Valentines Day around the corner, get her a special handcrafted piece of jewellery! We've made it easy for you with a selection of pieces she's bound to love!
The statement X studs are hand crafted from beautifully grained wood & intricately etched silver acrylic,
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Our Chevron necklace is handcrafted from beautifully grained and haindpainted wood, silver acrylic, semi- stone like blue lapis acrylic & lime marble acrylic.
The Asha ring is a statement ring made up of layered, etched and beautifully grained wood, ivory marble acrylic, real glass mirror & held together with mini brass bolts. This piece is inspired by traditional motifs with a modern, urban edge.
Inspired by tribal shapes, these Zuri earrings are layered with ivory marble acrylic, hand-painted wood, real glass mirror & orange veneer.
Our Aida Earrings are inspired by mayan sculptural shapes, these earrings are layered with blue marble acrylic, hand-painted wood & gold foil encased acrylic.
The Frida Necklace is unique statement necklace and can be worn to accentuate any outfit!
Inspired by the Mexican colours, shapes and tribal patterns; The piece is hand crafted from marbled blue acrylic & copper foil encased acrylic set with detailed hand painted wood.
Our Signature Maharani Earrings
‘Ma-ha-ra-ni’ meaning Queen
These earrings are definitely the queen of queens when it comes to adornment for the ears!
Layered etched wood, with a indigo blue mother of pearl inlay, layered with cut rose gold mirror acrylic. These lightweight statement earrings are handmadein our London studio. A truly unique piece, perfect for that special night out.
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‘ra-ja’ meaning prince
The rich textured raja necklace is intricate with details. Inspired by imperial jewellery; the piece is lightweight, handmade in our London Studiofrom engraved and beautifully cut grained wood mounted on an indigo coloured mother of pearl inlay.





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