Empowered Adornment - Gold Jewellery Stories


I am pleased and excited to announce that I have been awarded an Arts Council, Developing your Creative Practice Grant for 2021. I have been awarded this grant to reestablish my artistic practice by having dedicated time and funding for research and development, to be immersive in my exploration and take creative risks. I plan to develop my artistic language for the next 12 months by visually exploring adornment in the South Asian Diaspora. 

I have been looking at: jewellery collected through journeys of migration as artefacts with the capacity to be carriers of emotions and memories; gold as a woman’s security within the context of historical and contemporary diasporas; and adornment to express cultural heritage. I am seeking to open a dialogue and document conversations with those who belong to the South Asian Diaspora, and who have collected or been handed down, bought precious pieces of jewellery/adornment, to talk about what these pieces represent to them. 

From the research I have already carried out, these incredible stories hold so much relevant oral history and heritage, that I believe is absolutely crucial to the South Asian Diaspora narrative in the UK. Through my project, I aim to reclaim these stories and showcase the incredible jewellery pieces that most South Asian families across the UK have that are either hidden away or locked up in safes- and with them these stories.

Follow my research journey on this page. Click on the images below to read about the project at various stages.