Jungle Rani

Photographer Shweta Muzumdar from Blackbuck Pictures @blackbuckpictures
Model Smriti Choudhary who is a also an incredible illustrator @airphish
I have been wanting to do a shoot here for years as I have been visiting Goa since I was 4 years old, it's where we spent most of our family holidays and the locations for shoots are just incredible. From my insta-research I stumbled upon the most beautiful boutique hotel that was actually a 10 minute drive from where we were staying. Amrapali- House of Grace is a beautifully restored, former home of a Goan family with period Portuguese features transformed, "into a a space where one returns to their innate peaceful and joyful nature. The original structure was respected and recreated wherever possible. Local artisans were engaged and encouraged to custom make every detail seen in this exquisite home". Now a 4 room boutique hotel where we were kindly given one room from the hub of our shoot. @amrapalihouseofgrace 
The mood of the shoot encapsulated the calm and easy Goan vibe, where Portuguese style balconies, layers of palms & regals arches were used to frame the shots. But honestly in every corner and crevice of the building there was a curated backdrop that could be used. 
The new pieces are inspired by Indian blocks using in block printing. I have collected these wooden carved blocks for years and have always loved the graphic lined motifs are that stained with colour and thumped down on soft fabrics to create layered prints. There’s something about the sound of that ‘thump’ imprinting the pattern forever. I wanted to create my own bold motifs for a timeless collection that could be cherished forever.
During the shoot Smriti exuded a badass, bold ‘rani’ like attitude, teamed with these soft layered motifs that really brought the Jungle Rani to life. Seeing my pieces in a context that I had always dreamt of has really inspired what is to come. This is just the beginning, there is so much more I want to create as part of this collection.
Here are some of the behind the scenes images and final photos that really speak for themselves.
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