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Paradise Video Launch

Paradise Video Launch

I am so excited to share the Paradise Collection Video with you!

The past two years have been a time of anxiety and uncertainty for so many of us, and this period has made me really reflect on the importance of checking in with yourself, on having safe spaces to retreat to, and focus on the things that make me feel calm.

During the times I personally retreated, I had Tu Jhoom (Coke Studio Xulfi) on repeat. The lyrics from this song touched me in so many ways and reflected the journey I been on. So when I reached out to the incredible Grewal Twins to create a song for the new collection in their own unique way, Tu Jhoom was at the top of my list and it also resonated with them in many ways. 

The sentiment of this song is really what fed into the inspiration for this collection; it's all about being in a space where you feel safe to let your guard down, heal and truly nurture yourself in order to go out into the world shining in your true essence, despite the challenges you may have been through. 

When I think of my Paradise space, it's a beautiful balcony where I can sit and listen to palm trees swaying in the warm breeze. Wildlife and tropical plants surround me, and the scent of Mogra (Indian jasmine) dances in the air. And, You'll see these motifs running through the pieces of the Paradise collection.

 Watch the full video here: 


A huge thank you to the incredible team that worked on bringing this video to life:

Videographer: Ofilaye

Art Direction: Anisha Parmar

Choreography and Dance: Kesha Raithatha

Models: Kesha & Grewal Twins

Make up & Hair: Studio 4.6

Stylist: Anika Sharma

Paradise Collection Video Original composition: Xulfi (Coke Studio) and Coldplay

Production: Bobby Kang

Mastering: The Culprit

Arrangement + Vocals: Grewal Twins

Here's is the translation of the lyrics we used in our video that I hope resonate with you:

Peera Nu Mein Sene Lavaa
Te Mein Hasdi Jawan

I have embraced all hardships and still I remain unfazed...

Taupaa Daay Naal Ler Ler
Mein Labiaa Apni Chawaan

I have fought all my struggles to finally find solace...

Dukh Vi Apne Sukh Vi Apne
Mein Te Bus Aay Janaa

Joys and sorrows are mine to endure, thats what I know deeply...

Sab Nu Samaj K Kei Krna Aay
Dil Nu Aay Samjavaan

Why worry about what's beyond my control, this philosophy is my heart's great cure..

Tu Jhoom Jhoom Jhoom
Tu Jhoom Jhoom Jhoom Jhoom

Whirl/ Spin through life, transcend into a greater realm, to discover your soul..

Mein Dewani Kujh Na Jana
Mast Ho K Gaava

Forgetting my being, into a trance I go..Reassuring my heart to let my feelings flow..

Dunia Razi Kr K Kamle
Phir Vi Chain Nei Ana

If you aim to satisfied the whole world, you will get never peace..

Sari Khusiaa Mil Jawan Te
Piche Ki Reh Jana

If all my wishes were to come true, then what would be left in this world to do..

Tere Bas Mein Kuj Vi Nei Aay
Dil Nu Aay Samjava

My destiny is beyond my control, this is what I am explaining to my heart..

Tu Jhoom Jhoom Jhoom....

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